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Friday, September 23, 2011


Lately, all I see are movies being rebooted. What happened to Hollywood? I thought there were loads of writers with plenty of ideas for new movies. They have redone everything from Superman, Batman (which is the exception since the Batman movies are amazing), Friday the 13th, Halloween etc. I don't get why they can't come up with something original. Now, I know you may be saying why is he talking about movies? As it would pertain to novels, it made me wonder if this would ever happen. Let's say you read a story, loved it but had a better ending in mind or would like to change something here or there. I wonder if the same reboot could ever happen to books. I believe books are almost sacred in a way. Throughout history, people have done some pretty bad things and if you burned a book it's almost unholy. I think the way the author writes the book is by his or her design and nobody should change that. How many times have you seen a movie or asked somebody who has seen it and the response was, "It was good, but the book was better." I can't recall anyone saying the movie was better than a book; well The Running Man movie was awesome; no offense Steven, I mean Richard Bachman. Back to the point of this blog, I pray that one day this doesn't happen to any of us, that our stories are taken, redone or rewritten. We as authors have an image of what our story is and nobody should be able to take that away. I think all this came to me since i watched the Star Wars Blu-Ray with the new footage added and it made me long for the original versions. The capper was Vader screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" as he saved Luke from the Emperor. Still love the series but George Lucas should leave well enough alone. Hope my rant made some sense to anyone? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Revision Process and Procrastination.

Well, I finished writing my novel called Scammer the other day. It was great to have FINALLY finished this. I have been writing off and on since 1994 (even though I used to write short stories when I was ten, which I used to get yelled at since I would write them about bad stuff; war, killers etc.) and I would start something, get about 60 or so pages in, come up with a new idea and get started on that. Working a full-time job, being married and having to care for three kids can get in the way of writing. I would promise myself that this was the night I was going to write, but a Knick game or Yankee game or a movie would be on and I would tell myself that I would get to it another day. Well those other days became, weeks, months and years. I would write a little here and there, then stop again. A year ago, a friend of mine got published and I got the itch to write seriously again. By the way his book" The Scar" by Michael Weiner which I think is a fantastic book is a great example of writing and having a full time job. Michael is a lawyer and a teacher and is married and had the time to write a book. My novel was started in May 2011 and finished September 2011. I still have revisions to make and have some beta readers check it out before I decide it's good enough to be published. I am self publishing it so I want to put the best product out I possibly can. By the way, any volunteers to beta read would be great and I will do the same for you as well; one hand washes the other.
I  have to say that this has been a great journey so far and there is still a long way to go. My main goal as new author is to get my name out there. I am not in this for the money right now; I hope will come someday!
I am hoping to get my name out there, establish a brand and build a readership this way readers will be looking for my next novel. I want my stories to entertain the reader and make them forget about the world they live in and immerse themselves in the story that I've written. I am interested in hearing about other author's path to writing their stories so drop me a line or post on here so others can see and repsond. The more we know about this craft, the better off we'll all be.
Til next time, thank you for reading -------anthony

Monday, September 12, 2011

Writing to your Audience...

From reading various blogs and books on writing, I believe we as authors have to write to our audience. If your genre is horror, somebody that reads romance novels may check out your work and think its not their cup of tea and vice versa. I also think that if the reader is into a fast paced story, they won't like a story that seems as though the author used a thesaurus as his/her co-author. I have come across some prose that I almost felt I needed a dictionary to read. I'm not saying that I'am illiterate, but sometimes using fancy words makes the author seem smarter, but insults the reader. Unless these words move the story in the direction that it needs to go, I believe using them can be a waste of time and turn off your reader. We are all writing to our audience and they are all unique. I read Huck Finn back in high school and not to be insulting as it is considered one of the best pieces of American literature, I found it boring and difficult to read. I went and rented the movie and passed my test; bad boy! So a few weeks ago I figured, hey let's try it again. I was young back then and now the more mature me would like it. WRONG! I think that now as a writer and avid reader, I found it the same boring, tough to read story. No offense Mr. Twain. Most people will disagree with me, but that's my opinion and that's what counts to me. I respect the opinions of others and we as authors should as well. Not everyone is going to like your story. I've had samples on writing sites that received 5 stars and the utmost praise and then the 2 star rating where I was told not to quit my dayjob. My opinion, everyone take it easy, don't be discouraged and write towards your target audience and you'll be fine. Not everyone will like your stories, but write to the ones that do! What do you all think of this? Please let me know your opinions on this subject. 
Til Next Time--Anthony

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi everybody, glad to see I had some people read the blog so far and I am happy to return the favor. I am just about done with my novel "Scammer." It's about a man named Jeff who runs a ponzi scheme and is visited by one of his supposed investors who has discovered his investment company is not on the up and up. Throughout the story, other investors learn of his deception and the story reveals the consequences of his actions. He entire life is effected by his actions from his family, friends and company.

I have been reading alot of stories by indie authors and I have found them to be quite good. It amazes me how good these writers are and I look forward to reading them in the future. I also encourage you to check out these blogs that I have been checking out.
http://ravencrestbooks.com/    (dave lyons)

I believe that social networking is part of making a name for yourself in this ebook world. Getting your name out there is important, but I believe that it should be genuine, not simply for the sake of selling books. I think that's tacky and petty. I hope to build relationships with these authors as I stated before,"we are all in this together."
Years ago, you had a better chance of hitting lotto( well maybe not!) than getting published. Even if the writing is spot on, some editors wont give you the time of day since you arent represented by an agent.
It doesnt seem fair. But now with the introduction of ereaders, writers have more opportunities than ever.
It's nice that you can sample a chapter of an author or even pick up some for free or for .99 cents.
In this day and age, saving a few bucks on reading material is key and offers readers more chances to purchase more material.
Well enough rambling for today. Hope all is well with everyone and any comments, suggestions please let me know.
Thank you for reading-------anthony

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post..hope i got it right!

Hello everyone,
I tried this blog yesterday and as usual, I had issues. Some people told me they left comments which didnt post. I went in and checked and I did something wrong. I hope I fixed it and it will work...keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, I see everyone these days has a blog and I figured it was time to start one. I will be updating it with backgrounds and colors and gadgets as soon as I learn how to do it. Any suggestions, please let me know. If you like, follow me here, on twitter (anthonynewman72) or on facebook (anthony newman). I hope this blog will help you and help me with writing novels and learning all about this great industry. From reading JA Konrath's blog (A Newbies Guide to Publishing) which I equate to going to church for authors, it seems self publishing is the way to go. I am just about done with my first novel, even though I have 14 incomplete books in the tank waiting for completion. With any luck, once this one called Scammer is done, I can finish the rest of them. So if you like , please feel free to to message me or email cause we're all in this together. I hope all of us make it and become popular authors. And if you have any ideas for this blog, please let me know. If you guys are reading it, it's your blog too. Thank you for reading and I hope to make many friends here in the future.-------Anthony