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Monday, September 5, 2011

First Post..hope i got it right!

Hello everyone,
I tried this blog yesterday and as usual, I had issues. Some people told me they left comments which didnt post. I went in and checked and I did something wrong. I hope I fixed it and it will work...keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, I see everyone these days has a blog and I figured it was time to start one. I will be updating it with backgrounds and colors and gadgets as soon as I learn how to do it. Any suggestions, please let me know. If you like, follow me here, on twitter (anthonynewman72) or on facebook (anthony newman). I hope this blog will help you and help me with writing novels and learning all about this great industry. From reading JA Konrath's blog (A Newbies Guide to Publishing) which I equate to going to church for authors, it seems self publishing is the way to go. I am just about done with my first novel, even though I have 14 incomplete books in the tank waiting for completion. With any luck, once this one called Scammer is done, I can finish the rest of them. So if you like , please feel free to to message me or email cause we're all in this together. I hope all of us make it and become popular authors. And if you have any ideas for this blog, please let me know. If you guys are reading it, it's your blog too. Thank you for reading and I hope to make many friends here in the future.-------Anthony


  1. Looks good to me! Good luck with your blog...which should come with a warning "BLOGGING IS ADDICTIVE!" :)

    Judy, South Africa

  2. Hi Anthony! Good luck with your new venture into wrtiting. I find myself in the same boat and I couldn't agree more - we are all in this together and favours given and received will see us all do better than bitter competition. Look forward to reading Scammers when it comes out. All best wishes. Peter


  3. to judy, dave and peter--thank you for checking out the blog- looke forward to chatting in the future.---anthony