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Friday, September 23, 2011


Lately, all I see are movies being rebooted. What happened to Hollywood? I thought there were loads of writers with plenty of ideas for new movies. They have redone everything from Superman, Batman (which is the exception since the Batman movies are amazing), Friday the 13th, Halloween etc. I don't get why they can't come up with something original. Now, I know you may be saying why is he talking about movies? As it would pertain to novels, it made me wonder if this would ever happen. Let's say you read a story, loved it but had a better ending in mind or would like to change something here or there. I wonder if the same reboot could ever happen to books. I believe books are almost sacred in a way. Throughout history, people have done some pretty bad things and if you burned a book it's almost unholy. I think the way the author writes the book is by his or her design and nobody should change that. How many times have you seen a movie or asked somebody who has seen it and the response was, "It was good, but the book was better." I can't recall anyone saying the movie was better than a book; well The Running Man movie was awesome; no offense Steven, I mean Richard Bachman. Back to the point of this blog, I pray that one day this doesn't happen to any of us, that our stories are taken, redone or rewritten. We as authors have an image of what our story is and nobody should be able to take that away. I think all this came to me since i watched the Star Wars Blu-Ray with the new footage added and it made me long for the original versions. The capper was Vader screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" as he saved Luke from the Emperor. Still love the series but George Lucas should leave well enough alone. Hope my rant made some sense to anyone? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  1. I think you make an interesting point about regarding the "reboot" concept with books. At the same time, I wonder if that wouldn't be an interesting genre. I write something fully with the expectation that someone else might take it, change it, pass it on to the next contributor. Could be fascinating!

  2. @James--Absolutely true. It could be a very interesting genre. Someone elses ponit of view on a story could be better or worse, but bring new light to it. Imagine if someone told you to rewrite one of your favorite books, but as you would see it. It could be a sweet project. As always thanks for commenting--ant