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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Revision Process and Procrastination.

Well, I finished writing my novel called Scammer the other day. It was great to have FINALLY finished this. I have been writing off and on since 1994 (even though I used to write short stories when I was ten, which I used to get yelled at since I would write them about bad stuff; war, killers etc.) and I would start something, get about 60 or so pages in, come up with a new idea and get started on that. Working a full-time job, being married and having to care for three kids can get in the way of writing. I would promise myself that this was the night I was going to write, but a Knick game or Yankee game or a movie would be on and I would tell myself that I would get to it another day. Well those other days became, weeks, months and years. I would write a little here and there, then stop again. A year ago, a friend of mine got published and I got the itch to write seriously again. By the way his book" The Scar" by Michael Weiner which I think is a fantastic book is a great example of writing and having a full time job. Michael is a lawyer and a teacher and is married and had the time to write a book. My novel was started in May 2011 and finished September 2011. I still have revisions to make and have some beta readers check it out before I decide it's good enough to be published. I am self publishing it so I want to put the best product out I possibly can. By the way, any volunteers to beta read would be great and I will do the same for you as well; one hand washes the other.
I  have to say that this has been a great journey so far and there is still a long way to go. My main goal as new author is to get my name out there. I am not in this for the money right now; I hope will come someday!
I am hoping to get my name out there, establish a brand and build a readership this way readers will be looking for my next novel. I want my stories to entertain the reader and make them forget about the world they live in and immerse themselves in the story that I've written. I am interested in hearing about other author's path to writing their stories so drop me a line or post on here so others can see and repsond. The more we know about this craft, the better off we'll all be.
Til next time, thank you for reading -------anthony


  1. Writing a novel in four months is pretty fast, Anthony ~ Kudos! Revisions and edits will probably take a little longer since you want a good product. You say Michale had the time to write a book?? What, he wrote instead of sleeping?? Being an Entrepreneur, Author, Wife and Mother, I have to make the time to write! I think you are on the right track with marketing yourself first (see www.helpmeselfpublish.com blogpost today) and I'm sure your audience will be awaiting your every word!

  2. @mary kathryn johnson---thanks for the comments. I will check out the helpmeselfpublish blog as soon as I'm done here. I thinks once you get focused on the goal of finishing the book, you just make the time whenvever possible. Thanks again.

  3. Just first draft that fast? It takes me ten months, I work full time and am sole single provider to my children Schedule and keep going, stay healthy and positive

  4. @Caroline Gerardo-thanks for commenting. I did some at night, waking up at 2am and writing an hour or so. Getting home from work early and the kids are napping made for some extra time as well. I can understand working full time and being single provider must be hard for you. I have to do it once in awhile and it's difficult, wouldnt wish to do every day but if you have to, you have to; kids come first. I dont believe there is any time table since some ideas materialize instantly while others dont.Good luck with your writing and thanks again.

  5. Hi Anthony

    Congratulations on your book. I think John Locke gave indy writers fantastic advice when he said that no matter what you do, you need to pay to have your novels properly edited and critiqued by an experienced editor. You will grow so much as an author and, of course, no one can edit their own work properly. It's impossible - the very best writers out there have had all their books edited by someone else.


  6. thanks for the congrats sherri.
    john locke is very good at what he does and his books are great.
    i am going to have an editor check it out before publishing. thanks again for your comments.