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Monday, September 12, 2011

Writing to your Audience...

From reading various blogs and books on writing, I believe we as authors have to write to our audience. If your genre is horror, somebody that reads romance novels may check out your work and think its not their cup of tea and vice versa. I also think that if the reader is into a fast paced story, they won't like a story that seems as though the author used a thesaurus as his/her co-author. I have come across some prose that I almost felt I needed a dictionary to read. I'm not saying that I'am illiterate, but sometimes using fancy words makes the author seem smarter, but insults the reader. Unless these words move the story in the direction that it needs to go, I believe using them can be a waste of time and turn off your reader. We are all writing to our audience and they are all unique. I read Huck Finn back in high school and not to be insulting as it is considered one of the best pieces of American literature, I found it boring and difficult to read. I went and rented the movie and passed my test; bad boy! So a few weeks ago I figured, hey let's try it again. I was young back then and now the more mature me would like it. WRONG! I think that now as a writer and avid reader, I found it the same boring, tough to read story. No offense Mr. Twain. Most people will disagree with me, but that's my opinion and that's what counts to me. I respect the opinions of others and we as authors should as well. Not everyone is going to like your story. I've had samples on writing sites that received 5 stars and the utmost praise and then the 2 star rating where I was told not to quit my dayjob. My opinion, everyone take it easy, don't be discouraged and write towards your target audience and you'll be fine. Not everyone will like your stories, but write to the ones that do! What do you all think of this? Please let me know your opinions on this subject. 
Til Next Time--Anthony

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