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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Final Revisions............... When is it Finally Done?

I have read over my manuscript fives times, even though it's been professionally edited, I still have been changing things. I was happy with the editing I received and put the story away for two weeks before I started tweaking. I tweak and believe, "Ok this is It!"  Then I go back and read it over again and I start cutting and adding new passages and words. I would like to think that it's good enough, that this is my rookie novel and isn't going to be perfect. However, I want whoever reads it to read a well-crafted story. I'm not concerned about making money( even though it would be nice!) with the novel, as I know the reality that indie-writers face. My plan is to build up a readership(is that a word?) and a following so I can entertain those who are reading the stories I write. I think after a few books (and hopefully many readers),  some success will be there as I have no plans to quit my day-job. Does anyone have any comments or advice on when they know that their story is done?  Thanks again for reading!

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