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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Idea for Making Cool Characters

Hello everyone. I have been working on my next book and the research I've had to do on locations has been a labor. I dont want there to be any inaccuracies with the locations, roads etc. Well, after I finished spending countless hours (maybe not that long!) on that, I was thinking that I don't spend that kind of time developing my characters in my stories. Afterall, they are probably more important in my eyes than the setting. The story I believe is still most important, but I would put ,"believable characters" a close second. Now I thought about how I was going to make some of these people more interesting and worth caring about. I came up with a series if questions and other items that I put on a sheet and fill out. I printed them out and kept them near my laptop so if I needed to know something about that person...it was right there. I know writers have done this before and its not like I've made some great new discovery but anything I can come across to help other writers I think is worth sharing. Hope you find it useful.                                                                     Character Interview and Info Sheet
Hair Color-
Eye Color-
Body type/build-
Tattoos/Scars etc-
Dress style-
Marital status-
Ethnic background-
Current Address-
Future Aspirations-
Any other information vital to character-

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