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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year's Resolutions for Writing

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, Chanakuh , Kwanza or whatever else is celebrated along with New Years. I must say that I've been slacking a bit lately when it comes to writing. I recently finished my novel "Scammer" and it is currently being converted and uploaded to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and other sites. My cover was designed by Ronnell D. Porter and it came out just as I wanted it too. I had begun work on my second book in the series and was jamming along when the week before Christmas came and I had last minute shopping to do and I dressed up as Santa this year to surprise the kids on Christmas Eve. With all that going on, the NBA is back and my favorite team  the Knicks look like they could contend this year and now the Giants are in the playoffs. Between taking care of my wife and three kids, I was thinking the other day that I had been lazy when it came to writing.  I tried hopping back on the horse the other day and then AMC was running a slew of great movies and then I get invited  to see Mission Impossible 4(was a great movie). I tried getting some writing in last night, did some for about 15 minutes and crashed. My resolution is to try and carve out a time of day that's exclusive to writing. I wanted to know if anyone reading this has the same issues when it comes to finding the time to write. I would love to hear from you.
Thanks again----Anthony


  1. I know what you mean. Just started back at the library; the only place I can write without interruptions.

  2. @sonia marsh--thats a good place sonia. my wife just got up at 330am to exercise so since the kids are asleep, iam gonna get some writing in. library is a good place to go. hope it works out well for you!