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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big mistake!

Hi everyone. Hope spring is treating you all well and 2012 has been good for you. Sorry I haven't been posting any new blogs due to some personal issues, but all is normal now and it's time to get back to doing what I love; writing. For the past two months I've been slacking; no writing, watching sports and family guy re-runs and not much else besides working my day job. I was sitting around and went on Amazon and saw I received two five star reviews and suddenly it was like a switch turned on. I've been working on  the sequel to my novel "Scammer" and had about a third done around christmas and was editing that part for some reason before proceeding. Then some issues that had been building at home for the past few months took their toll and derailed my drive to write. Everyday I wanted to write, but couldn't make the time or came up with some other excuse to put it off. "I'll do it tommorow," I kept telling myself. Well Rocky 3 was on one day and if any of you saw it you remember Apollo Creed telling Rocky, "There is no tommorow."
This was good to hear and I began little by little doing some work again. I felt that I've been cheating my audience (what few there are!) since I had been slacking and not working diligently on book two. Well with that behind me I have been forging ahead and cranking out book two and am close to three quarters done. The whole time I realized what a mistake I had made by putting this off. I think to be a better writer, one must write constantly and practice the craft of writing and storytelling so one can put out the best possible novel for their reader. The reader is the one who makes or breaks you to some degree. While it's great for the author to love his/her own book; receieving praise that the reader enjoyed is even greater. I hope to my next novel out so I can continue to entertain any readers who like my stories. With that behind me, I realized my mistake was a selfish one and hope I don't become lost again from doing what I love---writing.