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Monday, October 29, 2012

Conquer writer's block part 2

Here are some ways I've found to get over writer's block--

1. Read the newspaper or read news on the internet. Some stories will fill your head with new ideas for your writing. Watch a movie or tv. Someone was behind the story you are watching--why can't it be you?

2. Drop what you're currently writing and start a new project. You can always come back to what you were originally writing and there is no written rule you can't write two stories at once!

3. Write someplace else. Go to Starbucks or the beach or anywhere that can stir up your mind.

4. Write to background music. For some people this works. I try and put on something good, yet not to loud. Depeche Mode seems to do the trick.

5. Write in  a journal. Write down what you're doing, what you're feeling and anything else that is on your mind. Freeing yourself to write down anything can sometimes cure yourself and open up new paths.

6. Talk to people. Conversation can sometimes free your mind and lead to new ideas or relax one so they can get back to what they are trying to do.

7. Exercise. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Get your blood pumping and get out of that stuffy room. Taking a break after writing for hours (or trying to write) can help you.

8. Comment on your friends facebook or twitter pages. Commenting is writing and that is a possible cure.

9. Read blogs of your favorite authors to get inspiration.

10. Last but not least--don't be a Mary. There is nothing wrong and you're being lazy. Get those fingers on the keyboard and write!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Conquering writers block!

Hello friends,
     I've had a bad case of writers block for about 8 months now. Yeah, laugh it up and say, "how can you have writers block for 8 months?" Well I did. And how might you ask that i got rid of it? It was easy once I decided to stop being lazy. Sure there were numerous distractions; some unavoidable like work and my kids. Others were avoidable like watching way too much tv and seeing every movie in existance (amazon prime with streaming movies on my kindle fire is so addicting; as is angry birds).
So I told myself that I had to vanquish this demon once and for all. After all, my sequel to my debut novel was nearly half completed (minus editing of course) during Christmas of 2011 and I figured that I would've had it done by Spring of 2012. Yet the dreaded divorce and moving out delayed the project a bit and now spending as much time with my kids and being semi-liberated took away the time i usually spent on writing. Now, I'm not telling you not to spend time with your kids because I believe that it is very important to do (especially while they're young). But while I was watching the Knicks get ousted in the playoffs again, seeing the Dark Knight Rises five times or stuffing my face at Carraba's (the chicken parmigiana is sooooo good) I could have been---correct that should have been writing. Someone purchased my book in June, read it and loved it. They emailed me and asked when the next book was coming out. This got me going again and I am happy to say that I am nearly finished with the first draft and hope to have it edited and out by February 2013). When I say in front of the laptop and started to write I was sort of lost. I had been so in tune with what i was doing before that it was almost like I couldn't write anymore. I did some reading and hit some blogs to get some inspiration and got back to it. The writing was okay at best and I couldn't really say it was what I wanted. Then I figured," Hey, as long as I'm getting those words down on paper (or in this case the screen) I was making progress." Little by little, the pages grew and grew and as I've gone back and reread some of what I've written, I have to say that it is pretty good. I seemed to just open my mind and let the words flow. I have rehearsed some lines from the book while I would be driving (which may not be the smartest thing to do) and then transfer those thoughts down when I would get home. I think we as writers sometimes are too critical of our own work. Yes, sometimes it isn't the best but other times when we think it sucks, it really is good. My advice is to just keep typing away and typing away and go back and look it over at a later time. Sure there will be typos, miswritten sentences etc. etc. but at least the work is there and when you go back and rewrite and edit new thoughts will come into play and you as an author can shape it into something beautiful.
Any thoughts of this subject? Please share.
And on a side note-------------Go Giants (football and baseball)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to writing finally!

Hello friends,
Finally the daily grind of the regular job, watching my kids and everything else has slowed and I can get back to doing what I love; writing. I published my debut novel ,"Scammer" back in January 2012 and had written nearly half of the sequel around the same time. Then came the divorce, the busy season at work ( I'am a pest control technician by trade) and moving out of my house which had zapped most of my time for writing. I have to admit that I could have made more time to write, but I get distracted easily and keep telling myself that I'm going to do it tomorrow. But just as Apollo Creed said in Rocky 3, "there is no tomorrow!" I would find some time to write while at the laundromat or if nothing was on t.v. that night. I was denying the audience by playing way too much golf and working two jobs. Every day the will to write was there but for some reason I could not explain, nothing ever got accomplished. I had added about twenty five pages since Memorial Day which is a far cry from what I usually am able to write (normally I can bang out that many pages in a week). The solutions to the problem at hand was to eliminate some of the distractions that were occupying my time. Instead of watching reruns of Family Guy, I would write. Instead of going to the driving range and hitting a couple of hundred balls, I would write. It's nice now to have a healthy balance between life and writing. Has anyone else had these issues? If so, please share them. Thank you for reading as always.