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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to writing finally!

Hello friends,
Finally the daily grind of the regular job, watching my kids and everything else has slowed and I can get back to doing what I love; writing. I published my debut novel ,"Scammer" back in January 2012 and had written nearly half of the sequel around the same time. Then came the divorce, the busy season at work ( I'am a pest control technician by trade) and moving out of my house which had zapped most of my time for writing. I have to admit that I could have made more time to write, but I get distracted easily and keep telling myself that I'm going to do it tomorrow. But just as Apollo Creed said in Rocky 3, "there is no tomorrow!" I would find some time to write while at the laundromat or if nothing was on t.v. that night. I was denying the audience by playing way too much golf and working two jobs. Every day the will to write was there but for some reason I could not explain, nothing ever got accomplished. I had added about twenty five pages since Memorial Day which is a far cry from what I usually am able to write (normally I can bang out that many pages in a week). The solutions to the problem at hand was to eliminate some of the distractions that were occupying my time. Instead of watching reruns of Family Guy, I would write. Instead of going to the driving range and hitting a couple of hundred balls, I would write. It's nice now to have a healthy balance between life and writing. Has anyone else had these issues? If so, please share them. Thank you for reading as always.

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