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Monday, October 29, 2012

Conquer writer's block part 2

Here are some ways I've found to get over writer's block--

1. Read the newspaper or read news on the internet. Some stories will fill your head with new ideas for your writing. Watch a movie or tv. Someone was behind the story you are watching--why can't it be you?

2. Drop what you're currently writing and start a new project. You can always come back to what you were originally writing and there is no written rule you can't write two stories at once!

3. Write someplace else. Go to Starbucks or the beach or anywhere that can stir up your mind.

4. Write to background music. For some people this works. I try and put on something good, yet not to loud. Depeche Mode seems to do the trick.

5. Write in  a journal. Write down what you're doing, what you're feeling and anything else that is on your mind. Freeing yourself to write down anything can sometimes cure yourself and open up new paths.

6. Talk to people. Conversation can sometimes free your mind and lead to new ideas or relax one so they can get back to what they are trying to do.

7. Exercise. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Get your blood pumping and get out of that stuffy room. Taking a break after writing for hours (or trying to write) can help you.

8. Comment on your friends facebook or twitter pages. Commenting is writing and that is a possible cure.

9. Read blogs of your favorite authors to get inspiration.

10. Last but not least--don't be a Mary. There is nothing wrong and you're being lazy. Get those fingers on the keyboard and write!

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