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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Giving Donations to Newtown Families

From now until Christmas I will be donating 50 ebook copies of my novel "Scammer"

To make it simple for me to track it will be available for Kindle only.
I will make the donation out of my pocket so you get it for free!
All you need to do is simply send you email address to

anthony102372@yahoo.com or you can put on this blog.

put scammer ebook in the title and let me know your email address.
I will then send you a copy via amazon on gift receipt. Simply redeem and you get the book.

I will then donate the money to the following charity
Newtown Youth and Family Services


The money goes directly to the families.

I'd been running a similar fundraiser and have now opted to do this since the reports on sales wont be in soon enough. Monies from that fund will also be donated as well contributing to the final total.

I will post all the names that helped and if you want to donate directly just click on the above link.
I will email you as I get your email and if you feel inclined please leave me a review afterwords on Amazon even if you hated the book! If not, thank you
I will also update each of the next few days with how this goes.
I will post a copy of the receipt of donation so you all know this is legitimate.

Thank you for helping me help these families and I hope to hear from you.


ps--if this goes quickly I will donate additional copies by Christmas.

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