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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Social Media and Making your readers happy!

Well, my book "Scammer" has been out for one month now and has been selling better than I expected it to do. This first day it was out it sold a few copies (most to friends and family--ie. mercy sales) and a few others. Jumping the gun on the social media part, I also offered a couple of free download links to numerous devices so people could read the story. My goal here is not to become rich by selling this book, but to get my name out there. I'm Anthony Newman. Who am I? A nobody in the world of publishing.  But i believe the more and more my name gets out there, the better chance I will have that my second book will be anticipated by readers, hence spreading the word and increasing sales. I think all of us indie writers have a goal. That goal can't be reached without hard work, dedication, good story telling and using various methods to get the word out there. I mean...nobody is going to come up to my front door and tell me that they want my book! Enter the world of social media. Through the use of twitter, facebook, blogs and email us idie authors can get the word out about our novels and connect with readers and other writers. I can't stress how important its been to actually connect with followers and friends. You cant treat them as a name or number and through your friendships, they cant be phony. If your goal is to be a transparent writer who is only interested in selling books and not giving a crap about the reader, then you may fail. But if youre honest and genuine and appreciate the reader; they are the ones who can make or break you---then you may succeed. I write to my audience. My novels are suspenseful with a touch of sarcasm, some humor and the language isnt always clean. But thats who i write to. I dont expect someone who reads romance novels to like my stories and vice versa. You dont go to the movies to see something you dont want to(unless your're forced too!) and the same goes for literature. I like to read many different genres, but there are some I wouldnt touch. Our goal as writers is to entertain our audience and prostituting this art for money is fraudulent. I believe we as authors owe it to our readers to make them happy, especially if your writing a series. I have emailed back to some of my fans (wow never thought i would have fans) and asked them what they wouldve like to have read in the book and any ideas for future novels. Give them what they want and they will come back! Make them happy and sales will eventually come. Do the right thing by your readers and they will follow you always.

If anybody has any comments on this post...please do!  have a great weekend!