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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally writing again after Candy Crush Addiction!

Hello followers and friends,

It's been awhile since I've posted. I took a few month hiatus to clear my mind, brainstorm ideas and expand my day job (pest control). Now that the kids are in camp and the daily grind is more organized than before, I've gotten back to writing finally. I really did miss it and every day I would tell myself to get out the laptop, stop playing Candy Crush (so addictive!) and start to write. After a few minutes of blank thoughts, Candy Crush made an appearance and when I'd run out of lives it was back to playing Bejeweled Blitz. No willpower on my part but there could be worse things I could be doing.

Then one day while I was out working I had an inspection at a house on the east end of Long Island. Next to the house was a run down, old looking shell of a house. I asked the customer what happened to the house and she said an old hermit-type man lived there. BOOM! My mind raced and as I had forty minutes to drive home I thought about writing a horror book about the house and the old man. Happily I began in this week and have already written over 7000 words after outlining the story and it is flowing nicely.

I was stalled on writing the sequel to Scammer 2 and had begun writing a comedy story based on my work at a pizzaria. Now I feel inspired again to write and am excited. My outline has changed many times as I keep brainstorming for new ideas and I can say this the most thought provoking work I have written to date.
I just hope I'll finish it.!

Thanks for reading!