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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Too many stories to write

I've been working on numerous stories lately. For some reason, I begin a new story, get excited about it, start writing and then a new idea pops up and I abandon what I'm writing to write something new. Is this a good idea? From one point of view I believe it's good since I'm getting new ideas for stories; however I would prefer to stick with one story and have those ideas translate into that story.  For example--I was writing a comedic story about a bunch of frat guys running a pizza place and the countless funny events that took place. It was taking shape and then on one of my daily walks I saw a house being built in the woods and suddenly an idea for a horror story came about and I began outlining it when I got back. I began writing that story and then I ran into an old friend who asked when I was going to release Scammer 3. I told him that I had outlined it but hadn't begun writing it. I glanced at the documents section on my laptop and saw that I have 18 unfinished stories and about 12 additional outlines. I'm happy I have ideas for stories but I need to get my butt in gear and stick with one. Perhaps it's my attention span not being all there or I'm just nuts!
Does anyone else have this issue?
Thanks for reading!